What sets us apart from other review systems

What's included?

  • Embedded review widget for your website.

  • Multiple review types Text, Image and Video.

  • Customer submissions.

  • Company profile.

  • Automatically send email review invites on conversion.

  • Manually send email invites for other business types.

  • Woocommerce, Bigcommerce and Shopify support.

  • Public entries are limited to 1 per person every 30 days to reduce fake reviews.

  • Unlimited 🚀 reviews and customer submissions on the Pro plan.

  • Coupon codes on submission to increase conversion.

What sets us apart from competitors?

Our goal with Reviewdrop is to provide a fair balance to both the owner of the business and their customers. With the widget, you can view your best reviews - much like you see on most testimonial blocks on a website. Reviewdrop takes the hassle of having to always update new reviews on your site.

Importing Instagram and Twitter posts allows you to improve the customer experience by visually keeping them interested while they browse reviews. Maybe you have a strong following on these platforms and would like to highlight to new customers what they are saying.

Our smart flagging system also blocks visitors who try and post multiple reviews from the public submission page. Don't worry, if a customer decides to come back in a month, they can write another review. Simple!

With the core features of Reviewdrop already in place, we think this is the perfect solution to cater small/medium business owners who can't afford the cost of enterprise review services and customer validation.

How do you combat fake reviews?

Customer submitted reviews are checked if that particular visitor has submitted in the last 30 days. We set a limit of only 30 days incase they decide to write another review in the future. This should drastically help reduce fake reviewers. If we detect multiple reviews over time, all their reviews will be flagged and reviewed internally.

We currently do not capture customer emails as they serve no purpose for validation on our system.

Response system

In addition to our flagging feature, we allow owners to add their own response to reviews. Since reviews cannot be deleted/edited, the owner should have their own say as to what the customer has written.

If you have one negative review out of many, an owner response will always reflect well to new visitors as a one off negative review.