Upgrading/Downgrading Plans

Upgrading from Starter

If you are on the free starter plan you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time. This will provide access to either 30 max reviews on Standard or unlimited on Pro.

Upgrading from Standard

If you are on the standard plan you can upgrade to Pro at any time. This will provide access to unlimited reviews.

Navigate to the Plans page on your dashboard to upgrade to pro.

Downgrading from Pro

If you would rather downgrade back to Pro, please navigate the Plans page on your dashboard.

If you have over 30 reviews currently on the Pro plan you cannot downgrade unless you delete reviews below the limit.

Cancelling your Plan

If you would like to cancel, please navigate to your billing portal. You can either choose to upgrade/downgrade your current subscription or cancel by clicking the red "Cancel Subscription" button.

We work on a proration basis. Once cancelled, you will be entered into a grace period for the remaining time of the paid subscription term.

Your reviews will still be saved on our system for up to 1 year from expiry. Reviews will no longer be visible to the public if greater than the free plan amount, however.

Requesting Data Deletion

As part of our GDPR guidelines, you can request your data or terminate our service. Please contact us at hello@reviewdrop.io to request your data or deletion. Allow up to 4-5 working days for us to prepare data.

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