Update Profile

Updating Profile Username

You cannot change usernames via the dashboard. If you really need to change it, please get in touch at support@reviewdrop.io

Changing your username will result in 404 (Broken) links from your previous username url. Use at your own risk!

Updating Widget Icon Message

To update the message which appears next to the icon, head to the Widget Install page, and scroll until you get to the "Widget Label" fields.

Please keep this message short to prevent excessive space from being taken up on your website.

Updating Logo and Business Profile Information

To update your profile page, either navigate to your profile page and click Edit Profile while logged in, or click your icon at the top right of the site, then settings.

You may add a logo, biography, external links, support email and hide certain sub-review options when customers submit reviews.

Hide Review Sub-Types

Navigate to your Profile Edit page as mentioned above and scroll down to Reviews. Unchecking these fields will remove from your profile page and submission form.

For example; a company may only sell digitally and not require the Delivery review option.

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