Add Reviews to Widget

Reviewdrop makes use of 2 review flows - Customer submissions and Social submissions. Customer submitted reviews are the ones gathered via your company profile page. Social submissions are entered manually by you via social media links such as Twitter/Instagram.

Social Submissions

To manually add a tweet or instagram post/testimonial, navigate to the Import Review page.



Review Title

Used as an internal reference for you and your staff.




Please ensure this is the correct social media url structure.

Tweets and Instagram posts may be deleted at any time from your profile. Navigate to the "Approved" page to manage/delete them.

Social submissions are not added to your average review rating but provide another medium to display on the company profile feed.

Customer Submitted

Customers are able to submit reviews which appear automatically on your profile page. Reviews submitted through this method still need to be manually approved to appear on the widget. The way we look at this is most busineses will only want to highlight positive reviews on their website and all reviews on your profile page.

Customer Submitted is a Standard/Pro plan feature.

As an example, you can try our submission page. This can be found via your own profile page and then clicking the "Write a Review" button.




Star rating. 5 possible stars.


The reviewers name or business.




Add the name of the reviewer or business.


What kind of business sector do they fall under - if any.

Website URL

A link to the business or shops website.

Review Message

The reviewers message. Must be over 30 characters.

Add Review to Widget

Now you understand how the review flow functions, click into any review you wish to add to your widget. As long as you are logged in, you should see an "Approve for Widget" button appear. Click it and it should now appear on your widget.